Friday, 16 December 2011


Examine this word "BLOOM".
It means 'Blessedness' of a flower. It gives 'scent' to the world. Eu-captivates people and 'loom', how? By giving its 'wool'........ i.e., looms the cloth, in weavers weaving machine. i.e., it clothes the naked.
"Say thanks to cotton flower."
It blooms and looms and dresses us.
The dress of a real man is not the cotton dress he wears , but the 'smile' he keeps and gives to the world

Examine this word "BLOSSOM"
There is loss in the middle. When problems come do not cry. Say "OM" i.e.,
            = LOSSOM
When 'u' ask question AM I 'LOSSOM'? Lord speaks and says by adding OM himself
                          GOD= Blessedness (always happy)
Remove 'B' from the above word and put,
                                      B+LOSSOM= BLOSSOM
'U' smile and the world around 'U' will also smile.

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